Thank Goddess!


That is, thank Akeso, the Goddess of Healing….for my business name!

Apparently Akeso represented the process of healing/curing, rather than a cure itself (her sister Panakeia, or Panacea, represented the cure).

It makes sense to me to consider healing a multi-faceted process, rather than something that can be found in a magical ‘fix’.

Massage can create favourable conditions for the body to heal, so it could be helpful as one of many tools in your healing-process ‘kit’.

Unsure about how to pronounce ‘Akeso’?

‘A’ (sounds like the ‘u’ in ‘umbrella’)

‘Ke’ (sounds like the ‘ke’ in ‘kettle’)

‘So’ (sounds like the ‘so’ in ‘so now you know how to say Akeso’)