Akeso Massage – 1 hour Massage – $100

MASSAGE:  You will have a whole hour receiving your massage.  This will be tailored to suit your needs.

  • Individualised: We will discuss your massage to determine your needs and preferences. For example, you might like a whole body massage but with focus on your neck and shoulders, or you may wish to have only your legs massaged. If you are unsure, we will work out together what will be the most beneficial for you.


  • Focused on the relaxing, pain-easing and stress-easing nature of massage (though how you respond is up to you – you might find the massage refreshing or invigorating!) and underpinned by the belief that massage works on you as a whole person (and especially your nervous system). Remedial/deep tissue/sports techniques can be incorporated, where appropriate, into a generally relaxing massage.


  • Using a level of pressure that is comfortable for you and the practitioner. A firm massage can be given, but if you are specifically seeking very strong pressure, please look for another therapist (or ask for a recommedation for a therapist) more suited to your needs.


  • At Akeso Massage Therapy, the focus is on you as a whole person, not specifically on your soft tissues (muscles, ligaments and connective tissues). If you are seeking physical assessments and focused work on specific conditions, you may prefer to see a therapist who works more in this style. Please ask if you are unsure or would like to be referred to another therapist. Please be advised that massage therapists are not trained to diagnose conditions.


  • At your appointment, before you receive your massage, we will discuss your reason for coming for a massage and have a short chat about your health and wellbeing, as relevant to the massage.


  • Sally will be checking for contraindications (reasons it may not be safe/advisable for you to receive a massage or ways the massage may need to be modified). You may be referred to another practitioner if your needs are outside her scope of training.


  • At your first appointment you will be asked to complete an intake form and this information will be reviewed at subsequent appointments. Please allow extra time for this at your first appointment.


  • Your massage treatment will also be discussed so that the massage can be tailored to your needs and preferences and you will know what to expect during your massage.

DURATION OF MASSAGE: The standard treatment involves a 1 hr massage (plus consultation time). On request, a shorter massage may be able to be arranged, if it is deemed the most appropriate treatment. For example, shorter massage duration is usually recommended for children. The price can be adjusted for shorter massages – please discuss prior to your appointment.

PREGNANCY: All massage treatments can be tailored to be appropriate for women who are pregnant or post-natal. Specialised pregnancy massage tables and pillows are not provided, but you will be assisted to find a comfortable position, supported with regular pillows, either side-lying on the massage table or seated in a chair.

TREATMENT OF MINORS: Sally has experience providing massage for children and teenagers. In accordance with the Association of Massage Therapist’s Code of Practice, a parent, legal guardian or caregiver must be present at all times during treatment of persons under 18. Consent to the treatment must be given by the parent/guardian.

All services at Akeso Massage Therapy are strictly non-sexual. In the case of inappropriate behaviour, the massage will be terminated immediately.