50 min massage + consultation





20 min massage





1 hour massage





3 x $80 massages with 10% discount

(Valid for 3 months from date of purchase)




1 hour massage




* Concession rate: Applies to students, concession card holders and pensioners.

Health Fund Rebates available.

Sally Alderson is registered with private health insurance funds – please enquire.

Gift Vouchers available.

Information about massage styles:


Feel listened to and receive a massage suited to your specific needs. Consultation and assessment explores your particular condition. Treatment plan developed to identify your goals and track outcomes. A massage treatment designed for you. Aimed at helping to ease pain and tension and create favourable conditions for your body to heal. Suitable if you have particular muscular tension, injury or chronic pain.


An opportunity to escape from the world and rediscover a more relaxed you. Feel nurtured and more balanced. A whole body massage with slow, soothing strokes. May benefit stress, anxiety and depression.

Deep Tissue Focus

More time spent treating areas of your choice (1-2 body areas). Deep tissue / sports techniques, with pressure adjusted to suit you. Addresses tension in deeper layers of muscle.


Yes, you can find time for a massage! Be massaged for 20 relaxing minutes while you lie comfortably on the massage table. Feel tension releasing and return to the world recharged. Choose one of the following treatments:

Feet + Lower Legs    /    Face + Upper Chest + Neck + Head    /    Upper Back + Neck + Head    /    Arms + Hands



PRE/POST NATAL: All massage treatments can be tailored to be appropriate for women who are pregnant or post-natal. You may be referred to another practitioner if your needs are outside the scope of my training.

PROVIDING INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR HEALTH: To ensure that massage treatments are safe and appropriate for you, at your first appointment you will be asked to complete an intake/health history form. At subsequent appointments, we will discuss any changes to your details. The massage will proceed only if it is deemed safe and appropriate for you. In some cases you may be referred to another medical/health practitioner.

TREATMENT DURATION: Please be aware that a 1 hour massage means 1 hour on the table, receiving your massage, so some time will be required before and after the massage. 20 minute massages are designed to fit more easily into your day, but time is still required for consultation and preparation, so please expect an additional 15 minutes (approximately).

YOUR PRIVACY AND COMFORT:  The massage style I give is designed to be performed on bare skin, with the use of oil to reduce friction. However, you are only required to remove clothes that you are comfortable to remove, so we can discuss your preferences. (At all times, your underpants remain on).

You will always be given privacy to undress and dress, before and after the massage. During the massage, you will be covered with towels at all times, except for the area that is being massaged. At times, a towel will be tucked into the sides of your underpants to provide a secure barrier.

The pressure/firmness of the massage will be adjusted to suit you and adjustments with towels, pillows etc. can be made to assist you to feel comfortable. Massages generally begin with lighter strokes and progress to firmer strokes. At all times, the pressure should feel comfortable for you. Feedback about the pressure is always welcome as each person is different and communication allows me to learn what best suits you.

TREATMENT OF MINORS: In accordance with the Association of Massage Therapist’s Code of Practice, a parent, legal guardian or caregiver must be present at all times during treatment of persons under 18. Consent to the treatment must be given by the parent/guardian. Sally Alderson holds a Working with Children Check.


All services at Akeso Massage Therapy are strictly non-sexual. In the case of inappropriate behaviour, the massage will be terminated immediately.