Policy (Jan. 2021):

In the interests of reducing the risk of spreading COVID-19 and in accordance with Government requirements, it is necessary that you wear a mask during your appointment (including during the massage) and you are asked to apply hand sanitiser when entering and exiting the studio.

To attend an appointment, it is necessary that you AND your close contacts:

Are in good health (no cold, flu or potential COVID-19 symptoms), have NOT been overseas or to an identified area of high COVID-19 cases in the last 14 days, have not tested positive to COVID-19 in the last 14 days and are not awaiting test results for COVID-19.

Sally Alderson (Massage Therapist) will also abide by the above conditions. If it is deemed unsafe for the therapist to work, the appointment may need to be postponed.

There is no cancellation fee. If you are unwell on the day of your appointment, or if any of your close contacts are unwell, it is important that you notify Akeso Massage Therapy to reschedule.

This policy will be explained to you when you book your appointment.


1) Prior to your appointment, on the day of your appointment (or the day before) you will be contacted by Akeso Massage Therapy and asked a series of questions based on the policy stated above.  You will only be able to attend your appointment if it has been deemed safe in a Covid-19 context.

2) At your appointment, you will be asked to complete and sign a Covid-19 intake form. The appointment will only proceed if it is deemed safe.

3) On arrival at Akeso Massage Therapy, please ensure you are wearing a mask. Services will not be offered to those not wearing a mask. The mask must be worn at all times during the appointment, including during the massage.

4) Please bring your own water bottle. In the interests of reducing Covid-19 risks, water/drinks/cups will not be provided.

5) Before entering the venue (and when leaving) please apply hand sanitiser, which will be provided.

6) In fitting with the Victorian Government requirements for healthcare workers, the massage therapist will wear a (surgical) mask for the duration of the appointment.

7) Please maintain 1.5 metre distance with the therapist where possible, except during the massage.

8) Please avoid touching your face, including your eyes and your mask whilst at the venue.

9) Toilet facilities are NOT available. Please be aware it will be necessary to drive to a public toilet in Castlemaine if this service is required. Akeso Massage Therapy regrets it cannot offer this facility because of current business restrictions:

10) Contactless payment can be made via Square Payments. If you need to pay cash, please have the correct amount ready.

11) Akeso Massage Therapy will continue its practices of providing a clean environment. Clean linen is always provided for each client. Extra cleaning procedures are in place due to Covid-19 and a cleaning log is on display. Extra time between appointments is allowed to ensure air flow through the studio (open doors and windows).

12) In accordance with Victorian Government laws, Akeso Massage Therapy has developed a Covid-Safe plan. To support contact tracing, details of anyone attending Akeso Massage Therapy will be collected and, in the case of a Covid-19 positive case being connected with Akeso Massage Therapy, details will be provided to the relevant authorities.

Akeso Massage Therapy’s COVID-19 policy and procedures are subject to change. They are aimed at reflecting the current Government (federal and state) requirements and recommendations and will be adapted accordingly. Whilst efforts will be made to keep details on this webpage up to date, you may be informed of some changes by other means (for example, by email/phone/at appointments).